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Greenheart CBD Product Launch

Greenheart CBD Product Launch


Greenheart CBD is delighted to announce our product launch after all our hard efforts this season on the farm.

This season was Fantastic and the crop did much better than previous years,

Amazingly Ireland had great weather this year creating the perfect climate for our Hemp crops to thieve in.  

Our Event will host a display of products soon to be available to the public,

Also in attendance is award winning chef Keith Kenny who will delight us with an array of CBD infused foods from Greenheart kitchens giving flavor to the CBD world and will promise to give your taste buds a sensation like no other. 


So we are inviting all Influencers, media and retailers to come join the party and see what Greenheart CBD has to offer our fellow Irish entrepreneurs, information seekers and go Getters. 

It's going be a canapes and prosecco reception so just come ready to learn all about CBD & Greenheart's plan for the Irish hemp market.

So please RSVP so can get numbers as spaces are limited. 

Contact: mark@greenheartcbd.ie Phone:+35358807038



Harvesting Blog 2019

Harvesting Blog 2019

At Greenheart CBD we had an excellent year of growing. For our first year we really pushed everything, we had done a lot of research into the different methods that cultivators applied from sowing right through to harvest.

When the time came for our harvest we had some of the finest flower encased with a phenomenal resin which holds our cannabinoid and terpenes profiles. We were very happy with the level of productivity on our land this year and decided that we would try a number of methods in the harvesting and drying phases.
As there is little evidence of most effective methods of harvesting so we what we thought to be the best three to try out. We had picked a number of acres, we then used a prototype stripping machine owned and operated by Edward Hanbidge and our final method was the use of a combine harvester.

As the material was brought in from the fields in different states due to the different forms of harvesting used we decided to explore the options available to us for the drying phase. In this again we took what we though to be the most effective three options. Hand picked material was hand hung on lines through a large storage shed, some of the material that was harvested using the stripper was put in 2 different drying facilities and likewise with the material cut with the combine harvester.





ZenaPay Announces First Beta Agreement of its Drone Plant Tracker Software with GreenHeart CBD Hemp Growing Facility

ZenaPay Announces First Beta Agreement of its Drone Plant Tracker Software with GreenHeart CBD Hemp Growing Facility
| Source: ZenaPay Inc.

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, July 22, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ZenaPay Inc. (“ZenaPay” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that it has signed its first agreement to run a proof of concept beta test with GreenHeartCBD of Ireland.  The beta test will run ZenaPay’s Drone Plant Tracker software and seed to sale software application and take place at GreenHeart’s hemp growing facility in Ireland.  GreenHeart is growing hemp for the production of CBD oil and has over 100 acres currently under cultivation, with access to another 1,000 acres.

Dr. Shaun Passley, CEO of ZenaPay, said: “We believe that Artificial Intelligence ('AI') and our facial recognition technology are the next technologies to positively impact agriculture production.  This agreement with GreenHeart will demonstrate the benefits of the ZenaPay Plant Tracker Software; and the efficiency gained from tracking plant growth from seed to harvest.”

It is expected that the beta test will begin in August and run for a number of weeks, tracking the growth cycle from seed to harvest.  GreenHeart has plants at multiple stages of growth across their crops.  The Company is in discussions to sign additional beta agreements which will demonstrate the Plant Tracker software application in a variety of environments.  Upon completion of the beta tests, it is expected that the software will be ready for distribution to paying customers.

The company is currently conducting equity financings via offering memorandum and crowdfunding in Canada.

About ZenaPay Inc.

ZenaPay Inc. is an enterprise cannabis and hemp software solution provider that specializes in payment solutions, drone plant tracking, cannabis business management software, supply chain management, compliance management, and government auditing software. We are currently developing a cannabis tracking and compliance platform for dispensaries, manufacturers, cultivators and government inspectors. Our initial products provide simple solutions for cannabis-related businesses that include tracking plants from seed to sale and processing payments.  We have over 20 years of enterprise software experience backing our proprietary systems.

About GreenHeart CBD

In 2019, Greenheart applied its expertise to the cultivation of hemp and has since expanded its operation to 100 acres under GreenHeart CBD.  To meet the skyrocketing demand for hemp-based products, GreenHeart CBD has invested in innovative extraction technologies and solutions to produce at the highest quality and to drive significant value for shareholders. Focussing on wholesale supply of high-quality CBD oil into Worldwide markets, GreenHeart CBD has quickly positioned to become a significant market player.

For further information, please visit the Company’s website at www.zenapay.com.