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Harvesting Blog 2019

Harvesting Blog 2019

At Greenheart CBD we had an excellent year of growing. For our first year we really pushed everything, we had done a lot of research into the different methods that cultivators applied from sowing right through to harvest.

When the time came for our harvest we had some of the finest flower encased with a phenomenal resin which holds our cannabinoid and terpenes profiles. We were very happy with the level of productivity on our land this year and decided that we would try a number of methods in the harvesting and drying phases.
As there is little evidence of most effective methods of harvesting so we what we thought to be the best three to try out. We had picked a number of acres, we then used a prototype stripping machine owned and operated by Edward Hanbidge and our final method was the use of a combine harvester.

As the material was brought in from the fields in different states due to the different forms of harvesting used we decided to explore the options available to us for the drying phase. In this again we took what we though to be the most effective three options. Hand picked material was hand hung on lines through a large storage shed, some of the material that was harvested using the stripper was put in 2 different drying facilities and likewise with the material cut with the combine harvester.